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Showing a fnished mini-album on a main blog page takes up so much room - so here's where you can see the pages of each album I make in closer detail.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Christmas Cottage Mini

You can't see it properly in the photograph, but this little cottage has a row of coloured lights under the roof eaves that are battery powered - it looks adorable when it's all lit up :)
It's a basic box construction with a removeable roof. The papers are mainly from the Dovecraft Noel line.
The roof needed something a little extra - so I made a chimney and put a tiny box inside, tied with ribbon.
Inside this box is a little book - "A Visit From St Nicholas" - which is possibly my favourite book ever :) It's just the words - no pictures except for the front cover.
The roof lifts off to show the mini album inside - with plenty of room for when the mini is filled with photographs and journalling :) The book is easily lifted from it's 'house' by a thick velvet ribbon that wraps completely round the book, and has velcro to hold it closed.
 The cover of the album has a round ornament frame (49p from The Range) and poinsettia flowers made from Anita's Sickers and held with snowflake brads. The binding is covered with an oddment of lace.
Okay... onto the first pages.
I decided not to have tags in this book, but just have the pockets available for photographs, with a feww added journalling spots. The first page has a flap pocket...
...which opens to show a large blank page.
Turning over, the second page shows a large pocket that is also a flap that can be lifted up...
 ... to reveal a journaling spot and a place for a large photograph. The adjoining page has two pockets holding journaling tags.
The nex page is another pocket that flips up...
 ... showing a journaling spot and blank space. The next page is the same as the very first - showing a flap pocket that opens out.
Turn this over, and we're back to the large upward-flap pocket and journalling pockets. This design is repeated until the end of album.
The punched border edges in the central spine of the book are not only for decoration, but are also part of the album binding.

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