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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Little Treasured Memories Box

Made from scraps and leftovers, this was a dry-run for a bigger project.
The outer box:
Simple velcro fastenings keep the straps (and the lid) closed.
 The inner of the box is very simply lined with plain paper. All the paper used was chosen for the purple colour tones. Many of the papers were Papermania - Henbury Lane collection, Heather Capsule Collection, and others. The little flowers poking up are paper clips with the little purple flowers attached. These purple flowers came in border strips, and were already sticky - I simply cut two from the strip and folded them over the end of a paper clip.
The closure for the book is just a brad from the Snowman Collection, 'coloured' with distress ink. The charms are from my stash.
 The first page is a journalling spot...
... but pull it slightly and it comes away from the corner. The reverse is plain so you can add a photograph.
 The album is designed so that the pages are in sets of two - one opening from the right, the next opening from the left - an over-lapping gatefold. I'll only show one side of each pair of pages unless they are very different from each other. This following photograph shows the second page - similar to the first with a pull-out journalling spot...
 With a stamped sentiment at the bottom, and a blank reverse.
The back of these pages hold a small tag (held on with a paper clip) and a space for a photo.
Next are two shorter pocket-pages...
 Each holding three blank mats for photographs or journalling.
 Another pair of pocket pages follow, each holding a photo mat where the photo is held on with a piece of lace ribbon.

 The next pair of pocket pages also hold photo mats. The purple flower/rose is attached to the photo mat...
 ... and not the page itself.
 A pair of journalling spots next - each decorated with Henbury Lane rub-ons and flowers from my stash. On the reverse of these pages there are a large photo mat and a tag held onto the page with a paper clip.
 Two pocket pages again - they were fun to make, and I found they could hold a few mats in each one. The photo/journalling mats in these are in a set of three, held together with a button...
  ... and on the reverse a spiral jump ring and a little butterfly charm.
The next pair of pages are fold-out journalling and photo mats. They are held closed with a magnetic snap, hidden under the patterned paper and ribbon.

held with a ribbon, inside are two more photo mats stamped with one of my favourite "La Blanche" stamps. On the back of these pages, each has a pocket and a photo mat.
Another pair of pocket pages following. Similar to the purple flower/rose, the butterfly on each of the photo mats is not joined to the pocket, but is part of the mat...
... and reveals a lovely sentiment when pulled out ("perfect day").
The final pair of pages are for journaling, and are once again decorated with Henbury lane rub-ons. The reverse of these pages each has a large tag held on with a paper clip.
The back cover is decorated with feathers, gems and a journalling spot.

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Sheridan said...

Wow I love this album, its gorgeous!!