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Showing a fnished mini-album on a main blog page takes up so much room - so here's where you can see the pages of each album I make in closer detail.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Ooh La La! Mini

Possibly one of the favourites of my mini-albums - but mostly because the paper shoes are just so adorable! The shoe-box top is held closed with the gold ribbon.
The shoe-box lid lifts off to reveal the album inside.  This is held closed with ribbon attached to the box edges, and has a few shoe and fashion charms added too. The box collapses open when the ribbons are pulled undone... 
... this is because the album itself is attached to the box - the back cover is the bottom of the box. I chose red card with black and white patterned papers for this album - the papers are "Paris Nights" by GCD Studios. 
I chose a fold-over gatefold design for this album, repeating the page design just with different patterned paper, so I shall just show the first few pages...
As you flip open the first page, there is a pocket on your left holding a photo mat. All the photo mats are edged in gold (which is difficult to see in the photos).  The topside of the next page is blank - to hold a photograph or memorabilia perhaps?
When opened, the flap on the right mirrors the first open page with a pocket and photo mat. In the centre is also a pocket with a photo mat.
Flip over this central pocket page, and on the reverse it's an envelope pocket holding another plain mat.
This is repeated for the right hand side also.
 Showing in the centre is the following pair of pages, which are cropped pockets each holding a photo mat...
Open the plain page in the middle, and you are once again shown a pair of pages with pockets and photo mats...
This pattern of pages is repeated several times until the end of the book.
Many of the photo mats and flaps are stamped with designs and flourishes.

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